Category I: Traditional vs. Mobile Operating Systems

Mobile OS provides clear advantages for instructional design and for facilitating learner centered design principles. The flexibility of taking a mobile OS directly into any learning enweb-doctors-0626vironment conveys numerous advantages. These advantages are extraordinarily significant within the clinical environment. The ability for mobile OS to communicate at any time through various forms of media is also a distinct advantage (Raaum et al., 2015). In adopting this technology instructors and users must be mindful of the difficulties in monitoring its use and providing a secure environment. This is particularly concerning when addressing patient confidentiality within clinical settings. Nevertheless, mobile technology is being improved to allow increased security to minimize these risks associated with this digital tool (Tran et al., 2014).

Category 2: Learning Management System: Schoology vs. Edmodo

After evaluating and comparing the two learning management systems (LMS) using the checklist for technology developed by Chan (2011) Edmodo proved to be the better choice for a LMS. Studies have shown that students have positive learning experiences when learning management systems can allow teachers to provide timely feedback, interact easily with students, and give students access to interesting and relevant resources (Weaver et al, 2008).  This is not very surprising because the effectiveness of any technology depends  upon how a teacher chooses to  use that technology and change their pedagogy and instructional practices to include said technologies.  

Edmodo surpassed Schoology in the categories of usability and sharing and communication.  As mentioned previously online collaboration and interaction is an important part of using a LMS therefore when choosing a LMS the category of communication is very important.  Edmodo provides students with a familiar platform (as it looks similar to facebook) and allows for easy access for parents as well (including a special parent mobile app).  Students and teachers can interact through edmodo through messages that are similar to facebook status updates.  For these reasons the recommended LMS for this collaborative activity is Edmodo. 


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